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Judith Peterhoff — Jewellery Designer

After graduation from High School with Abitur in the specialised courses english and art, I decided to study architecture in Berlin. After a few months of studying in Berlin I knew that architecture wasn’t the right study for me. I needed a course in which I could directly start with the real thing and not build models first. I decided to start my studies at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design Maastricht in the Netherlands, since the Academy is very open minded and gives you a brought insight into all directions of design. After the propedeutic year, of getting a sneakpeak into every direction of design, I decided to continue my Bachelor studies in Jewellery Design, where my passion lies. With a lot of enthusiasm I finished my studies within 3 years. Now I work and live in London, UK, as an independent jewellery designer.

My inspirations for my designs come mostly from my family. They give me support and inspiration at the same time. The designs don’t necessarily have anything to do with the family topic, things like my niece's port-wine stain or my nephew's holy communion can trigger me researching into different directions and making this my new project. Once I have found a topic I research it and start working with materials right away. Experimenting in materials and learning new techniques has always been in my field of interest and I am eager to learn more every day.

My designs are sophisticated pieces with an opinion. They show you my vision of the world. You can wear them and be part of my world, support it, or even take the jewels and make them your own.